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Creative coding project by Tristan Bagot adds generative style motifs to fashion photography - each display is different from the next. Video embedded below:

Art direction has a crucial role to play in the use of the various screens at our disposal.
Nowadays, a master visual is designed indifferently for all sorts of platforms, be they digital or physical.

JavaScreen is a new display system using an algorithm to graphically reinterpret content thousands of times without losing its intrinsic character.

As part of my project, it creates a generative design applied to a series of fashion photos and enhances the visual aesthetics of the image : colors, shapes, thickness, verticality, opacity…
These graphics are then animated with the image becoming more eye-catching and each time the image is loaded, it creates a unique composition depending on the photograph.

You can see the project working in your browser (along with other background information) at the project website here

Tristan also has a Tumblr blog [isentropie] featuring the original photographs, which can be found here

[h/t - gergokovacs]


Dieter Rams, TG 60 Tape Recorder, 1965. Braun, Germany. Source Sotheby’s + flickr


Animal Cementery


Mark Lawrence Andres

(Source:, via visualgraphc)